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We are an exclusive shave club for women, where our gorgeous members save-shave and feel fierce and amazing!

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Why should blades cost so much? Giving an ear to the society, we got to know that a lot of ladies out there complained more about the cost of blades, so we saw the need to provide our clients with high quality razors and the experience of having a clean shave without skin irritations which is also cost effective.

Our products are packed together with free tissues and a thank you card to our esteemed customers. We want you to save, shave and feel amazing.

Ladies Shave Club is simple, fun and amazing! You are at liberty to choose from any of our excellent blades for the best grooming and beauty you will ever experience. We give you free handles while you pay only for any cartridge of your choice.

For every product you purchase from LSC, you are giving great care to humanity. LSC is dedicated to giving support to breast cancer patients by giving a percentage of its profit to this course.

Our delivery method is a free shipping directly to your door step wherever you are in the U.S. we give you a flexible subscription to choose a plan for your beautification. You can choose a suitable time for your delivery too and our beautiful boxes will be right on its way.

Ladies Shave Club provides you with excellent offers like free handles, flexible subscription, free membership, beautiful packages and free delivery. You also get an excellent offer of 20% discount on your first order. That’s not all! Whenever you refer a client to us (using your referral link), give you 10% off your next order.

Please note that there are no hidden fees or pink tax.

We do all we can to minimize waste by doing away with those monthly boxes. This allows LSC and our highly esteemed customers to minimize wastes, cut costs and convert them to savings. Whenever you are running out of blades just send in your order and we will immediately ship to deliver them to you.

Our goal is making our members feel amazing inside and out, giving them a great deal to save, shave, feel amazing.