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We are an exclusive shave club for women, where our gorgeous members save-shave and feel fierce and amazing!

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Giving Back

Are you willing to give in support of raising breast cancer awareness? If so, you can empower women by supporting through their diagnosis when you buy any of our products. We provide assistance and inspire hope to those who have been affected by breast cancer. We accomplish this via our partnership programs with breast cancer health facilities. A certain percentage of each and every sale from Ladies Shave Club goes to Breast cancer awareness programs. We are always working hard to raise breast cancer awareness. If you are willing to support breast cancer awareness, browse our plans and place your order.

For every product you purchase from LSC, you are giving great care to humanity. We are dedicated to giving support to breast cancer patients by giving a percentage of its profit to this cause. Why Breast cancer? The founder’s grandmother died from breast cancer and this ailment, being one of the leading cancers affecting women, inspired him to touch the lives of people affected with breast cancer. Our branding colors were inspired from the colors associated with breast cancer.